About KIT Mag

KIT Magazine is a dedicated space created for the admiration, the love, the passion and the enthusiasm for one thing and one thing only - football shirts. 

Our contributors all take the time to pull together quality articles written by people from every single angle of the football community as a whole - we have expert analysis and we have every day commentary. 

Just eleven articles in each volume spanning the finest leagues in world football - from the Bundesliga to the SundayLiga. We care about football shirts. Period. 

With illustrations from talented artists and graphic designers featuring, the pint-sized publication packs an immense amount of quality into a relatively small space for you to enjoy, wherever you like to wind-down. 

Volume 2 is due to be released in November 2021 and will be available to buy in pre-order print and digital right here on our website.

This is our first venture into the world of football fashion and we've worked hard, as a dedicated group to deliver what we think is a very special magazine. 

We'd be nothing without your support so from everyone on our team, thank you. It means everything. 

We hope you enjoy reading this magazine, just as much as we've loved writing it. 

                                                                Welcome to KIT Mag