Our Team

Without the people listed below, KIT Magazine simply would not have been possible and we're incredibly proud of all of them. 

Our starting line-up for Volume 2 will feature 11 articles written by the likes of Rob Fletcher, Phil Harrison, Colin Black and Daniel Gellatley to name a few. 

Our contributors aren't paid. They are all passionate football shirt collectors and enthusiasts and they have dedicated their own time, outside of their usual busy lives to write about the shirts which they own and the fascinating stories behind them. You'll see that hours of  invaluable research have been put into producing the articles so you can enjoy them at your leisure. 

They've been written to enlighten, to educate and to take you on a journey on why we've all came to love football shirts in the way that we do. It's been an absolute pleasure to share this journey with the people below so far and my only hope that this really is, the start of something special. 

                                                                       Thanks guys


Iain Bentley @iainbentley - Editor

Tom Slater @shirt_fan - Socials Manager & Writer

Job Hoop @eenhoopjob - Head of Design

Phil Harrison @philharrison192 - Editor & Writer

Alex Ireland @wunderkits - Editor & Writer

Rob Fletcher @rob_fletcher_ - Editor & Writer